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Introducing our law firm
Giammarco Law Office

Giammarco Law Office

Established in 1983, Giammarco Law Office, PLLC is committed to the personalized and high-quality representation of its clients, ranging from corporations and small businesses to individuals. Our firm’s extensive trial experience, unique connections and exceptional legal talent allow us to effectively represent our clients in today’s ever-changing and complex world. Our mission is to listen to our clients, understand their objectives and tailor a legal strategy that exceeds those objectives.

Zachary D. Giammarco, Esq.

After completing law school with cum laude  honors in just two years, Zach joined Giammarco Law Office, PLLC in 2006. As a trial attorney, Zach practices in a variety of areas, including business, contracts, personal injury, probate, estate planning and employment, all of which has garnered him extensive litigation experience in Arizona’s city, state, federal and appellate courts. 

Born and raised in Arizona, Zach enjoys almost anything outdoors, whether that be cycling, running hiking or snowboarding.  Zach currently lives in Chandler with his wife and their three young children. 

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Zachary Giammarco, Attorney at Law

Estate Planning 

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